Sunday, March 29, 2009


So i have been working hard to complete my installation for the 2009 MIAD Senior Exhibition and i am almost there. There are only a few more small things to do and ofcourse a bit of touch up. Here are some in progress photos of the installation of prints and of the 2-d work that will be displayed as well.

Past Work

Hi everyone... the following images are to catch you up on what i have worked on the past four years while at MIAD. All are of paintings and prints. Enjoy!

Screen print, 14 layers, 22" x 30", 2007

Oil Painting, 6 layers 4'x4' 2007

"Cupcakes" Oil Painting, 2008

Acrylic, screen print, paper, oil on canvas 2' x 4', 2008 (Sold to private collector)

following three :
Acrylic, foound fabric, paper, hand stitching on canvas 15"x15", 2008

Acrylic, screen print, found fabric, hand sewing on canvas, 3'x12', 2008

"Down Dicey Fork Road" Collagraph, 2008

i will post more work from the past in the next couple days. until then, enjoy the images.